Pair and toss Mononoke at the land to spread their energy and develop the village of your dreams!
Protect the village from Hazard Mononoke and rebuild the village into a place the villagers can live happily in!
'Cororo' A Grand Mononoke child who has lost his memory. He hopes to befriend Hazard Mononoke and make peace.'Kuroro' A traveling Mononoke that found Cororo.Having a cool personality, Kuroro often spends time alone. It seems he has his own reasons to travel...
Make the people happy and collect Happy Orbs! What are the villagers' needs? Look at their wishes! Spread the needed Mononoke energy to grant the villagers wishes. Pair and toss and see what changes! As the village gains more resources, the villagers will be able to build more things! Hazard Mononoke will come to cause trouble for the villagers to collect Unhappy Orbs. Chase them away! Share pictures of your village through StreetPass! What kind of villages did other people build?